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Non-Plagiarized Essay

School days are special and all the fun we have with our friends while meeting new people makes our school life a memorable. Amidst all this fun, we get assignments, case studies, projects, and term papers that we have to finish to gain good grades. While some may love and are talented in writing, there are some of us who find it difficult to write high quality custom essays that the teachers expect from us. So we copy someone else’s work to finish ours to get it over with and resume with all the fun with friends. This used to work with professors once a long time ago but with the emergence of plagiarism detection software’s and programs, professors are actually able to find out which of the submitted essays are plagiarized and which are not.

What constitutes as plagiarism?

Basically, plagiarism is any act that constitutes one person stealing or copying or using another’s work and claiming it as their own, without citing the work as a source. When you copy someone’s work and then submit it to your professor as your assignment, you’re claiming to own someone else’s work. This is plagiarism. Even when you’re quoting someone or using a phrase or few lines from some book or essay and not citing the original source, you are plagiarizing it.

How can plagiarism be detected?

Teachers and professors are experienced people, they have seen a lot of plagiarized and non-plagiarized essays and papers. With a gifted keen eye and memory, they can easily pick out plagiarism. Moreover, with software’s like Dupli Checker, Copyleaks, PaperRater, PlagScan, PlagTracker, Quetext, and Viper detecting plagiarism has become easier and convenient.

Why you shouldn’t be involved in plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a punishable offence if you’re caught doing it. If your professor finds out you have copied someone else’s work, you may be failed in the subject or be given another chance to write the essay but this time a non-plagiarized one. Sometimes, you may even be taken to the dean or principal for copying someone’s work. 

If you have stolen a reputable person’s copyrighted work and claimed it as your own, then, you may even be charged and be incarcerated for it. This will lead to a black mark in your personal and professional background. No one would take you seriously even when you are going for a job interview since companies are doing a thorough background check before hiring anyone. 

Another reason one should not plagiarize and write or invest in non-plagiarized essay is that plagiarism is morally and ethically wrong and if you’re a writer or an aspiring one, it is advisable not to be involved in such practices. This can lead to implausibility of your writing and works; moreover, your conscience will know that you’re being given credit for someone else’s work and not yours.

Importance of non-plagiarized essays

Writing non-plagiarized papers takes hard work and a lot of research. It also shows the quality of someone’s character and his or her creativity. When writing for a dissertation, essay, thesis or a research paper, you will actually have to not only read about it but also experiment. Therefore, putting some effort into your coursework enhances your knowledge and experience in certain areas. Practicing non-plagiarism also boosts your creativity and writing skills as certain assignments should be written in a specific way and doing it on your own will help you master different writing styles. 

A student who writes non-plagiarized essay, will make the person smarter as the students has to link different things together while writing, especially if they have to write a thesis or dissertation. Another advantage of non-plagiarized essay is getting good grades for your efforts. Your professors will be impressed by you and trust your work. But the most important thing in writing non-plagiarized essays is that the work gives a person a sense of accomplishment and pride.

How can we help you in writing non-plagiarized essays?

If you are someone who appreciates and respects written work and their authors, a person who wants to accomplish things on their own, and don’t want any red flags in your personal background, then hard work and investing your time and effort in non-plagiarized essay and written works in the only option for you.

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