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“Fine words! I wonder where you stole them.”-Jonathan Swift

Whether you are writing a magazine, a research paper or the web, it can be very tempting to lift some few words, a sentence or even complete thought, and place it into your piece of work. After all, the content sounds so fitting on the piece of content you are working on, and the deadline is fast approaching-right!

When you lift other peoples content and put into your research paper, you are not only imitating but plagiarizing. Can plagiarism be detected? 

The following are the common ways to assess the level of essay originality

Using certain websites to assess the papers

Some websites have been termed highly used and credible. These sites allow the teachers to upload the student’s essays and by one click, a full report regarding the originality of the paper is displayed. The best part is that these sites show even the sections that were copied and from where it was copied. They hence can be sure whether the student submitted a non-plagiarized essay or not.

Downloading plagiarism checking software

Some lecturers have gotten steps ahead to download their plagiarism checking software. This helps them to check the content of their student at the comfort of their pc or laptop. This software can be bought for as low as $30, and provide an effective report on whether the essay is original or not.

The manual checking

The lecturers can also look at the citations, bibliography, and citations of an essay while at the same time evaluating the quality of writing. This way the lecturers will be able to compare non-plagiarized essays to the copied ones, verifying the level of consistency with the quality of work for the student. With the experience, they have as teachers, and the thousands of essays they have checked, it cannot be denied that lecturers can easily recognize non-plagiarized essay in few minutes. The unswerving submission of quality papers assures of high content and a non-plagiarized piece of paper.

Actions taken for plagiarized essays

Students should make an effort to provide non-plagiarized essays, as the cost of plagiarism can be very dire and may include;

Failing marks

If the teacher assesses the paper and concludes the paper is plagiarized, he/she can either give you the paper for overhaul revision or may decide to award you very low marks. This will be a waste of time on your part, plus you cannot undo failing grade.

Incarceration or fine

Some schools are very strict on issues of plagiarized essays. People who have been detected copying research materials have been penalized huge amount for damages caused. Some have even been incarcerated for a specified period. This makes you suffer a permanent taint of your background.

The best way to write a non-plagiarized essay paper is to give credit or acknowledge the original author whenever you use their work. If not, getting someone to help provider non-plagiarized essay is a worthy investment.

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