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Writing College Essays

ABC of Writing College Essays

Of all the academic papers that the student may be called upon to write, the college essay is deemed to be the toughest. This is more so because the student is required to put in a lot of effort to come up with an essay that is good enough to impress their teachers. A college essay needs to be interesting and captivating enough to capture and sustain the interests of the readers. Achieving this is not an easy task. It is therefore quite common to hear a student ask: “how do I write my college essay?’’ or “who can write my college essay for me”? The following are 6 key guidelines on how to write a good quality essay:

1. Plan Your Essay Writing Work

An essay that will impress your readers starts from the planning stage. An essay that is poorly planned is bound to be poorly written. The essence of planning entails that you identify and separate the various components that build up on the concept of the essay. Decide on what will constitute the introductory paragraph(s). The body should comprise of ideas that are independent, yet complimentary. Decide on which points or ideas will come first, based on their weight, and the impact you want to create on the reader. Equally important is the concluding paragraph. Plan this paragraph well in order to effectively deliver the final punch. If well written, the conclusion will effectively sell your ideas to the reader.

Planning is an important aspect of essay writing as it will help you to write a neat, orderly, and well organized essay to earn you the desired marks. It also helps the writer to save on time as they know exactly where each point needs to be put.

2. Use the Right Level of vocabulary In your Essays

A key thing that the student who wonders “How do I write my college essay”? needs to understand is the choice of language. Depending on the subject that you are tackling, your instructor will be highly interested to see whether you can effectively communicate in the register and jargon that pertains to that subject. The student needs to be careful when deciding on the vocabulary to use. Overuse of very advanced works may do your essay a disservice, especially if the said words are wrongly used. Only use words whose meaning you are confident about. Whenever possible, avoid big-sounding words when there is a simple easy-to-understand synonym. A better impression is created by the content of the essay than the use of hard-to-understand vocabulary.

3. Use Relevant Anecdotes To Write Your Essay

You may decide to use a short, humorous story to drive some points home in the essay. This is a very effective technique, and it will certainly captivate your reader. However, the anecdote you decide to use must be relevant to the content of your essay. In other words, it must fit in. Using a story that is irrelevant will render your essay ridiculous. You must bear in mind that the examiner will be more interested in the content of the essay as opposed to the stories within. The anecdote is meant to emphasize some points, so be sure to keep it short, sweet and relevant.

4. Apply Word Economy

Be precise and to the point in your writing. Teachers and other instructors are impressed by work that is pithy and terse, as it is proof that the student is organized enough to deliver their points in fewer words. A student who uses too many words to explain a point is seen to be rambling on. The reader will perceive this as an inadequacy – you do not know exactly what you are writing about. 

5. Proofread Your Essay

Ensure that you go through your work before handing it in for marking. Proofreading your work will help you on two fronts. Firstly, it will help you arrest any mistakes that you might have inadvertently made. Secondly, it will help you to notice an area that requires further strengthening. Once you proofread your essay and make the necessary adjustments you can be assured of good grades.

You may also opt to have a friend read through the essay, to help you capture any mistakes that you might have made.

6. Seek Essay Expert Help

If you do not have the time to write the essay, or you are inadequately prepared to tackle it, you can ask writing experts to help you write your college essay. The practice is very legal and recognized by academic institutions, so you will not be breaking any rules by asking for assistance. 

There are many online companies that offer essay writing services. However, if you want a really good essay written for you, then you need to enlist the assistance of a company that has a proven track record and experience at writing high quality essays and other academic papers. 

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